Why choose Sturdee Residences

Why choose sky wood condominium
This is a question that you may ask yourself over and over. What can I really gain after buying or rent a unit ere? Are the advantages equated to the monetary value invested? is there a future at The Skywoods? Ask ourself no more for The Skywoods condominium is a haven that brings forth an earthy paradise due to its unique yet marvellous surroundings. It is covered by all high social class amenities that complement its earthly beauty. Due to the increase of tourists, both domestic and foreign, Singapore has seen the importance of real state business in a bid of attracting and retaining more tourists of these , for this reason ,many factors make Skywoods an admirable place for you to live in, they include :

1. The internal designs
The skywood condominium has been internally designed to fit all your needs. Freedom of movement all around the apartments is secured and your safety has been put into consideration.
Its internal set and d├ęcor provides a perfect warmth and ambiance for your view, thus creating a conducive environment for relaxation and comfort. The interior is fitted with virtually every basic equipment that enables you to live a stress free life. The kitchen is fully fitted with all modern equipment including, a fridge, major cookery, hob and oven. Water is always in plenty and the Skywoods is fitted with its clean water source to serve any time. Availability of power is always guaranteed and redundant power source is always on stand by in case the main power line fails. The wash rooms are all fitted with sanitary items that are convenient and reliable to all your needs. Depending on the size of apartment you choose, most of them are spacious and correctly ventilated for your own safety.

2. Schools
Sturdee Residences http://www.sturdeeresidence.co  is a neighbor to highly rated international and local schools like CHIj Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Pei Hwa Primary School, MGS, Chestnut Drive Secondary School, Raffles Girls Primary school, Nge Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and a few meters from Singapore American school. You can never get enough of the quality education surrounding The Skywoods Condominium. Right from low level to university level, Kids are guaranteed a world-class pursuit in education that doesn’t compromise on there future at all. They are nurtured and molded into important people of the society and passed through curriculum that extract there hidden talents and abilities to make it useful to them personally and for the benefit of the society. This advantage makes you live a flawless lifestyle and always guaranteed of an educated generation.

3. Recreation
Life is always not complete without recreation and entertainment. We all need to brighten our hearts at some points to relieve us of stress. All this is guaranteed at The Skywoods Condominium. After working hard in your daily endeavors, Skywoods provides a wide range of activities to choose from for your entertainment and mind relaxation. This soul touching activities include, bike riding into green estate, swimming at the elegant pools, watching movies at the cinemas within the nearby shopping malls, a visit to the near by Bukit Timar National reserves , dairy farm nature reserves and many others. So at all times, you are assured of comfort in your mind no matter how pressing your day had been.

4. Shopping
The Skywoods Condominium is just a few minutes walk from the nearby Bukit Panjang Plaza, Bukit Timar Plaza, Bukit Timah Shopping center, Hillion Mall and the mega shopping malls at Jurong Gateway. This gives you a more convenient way to do your shopping or go for dinner with your family and friends. You always get what you deserve at any time since transportation to and fro the Skywoods is always available. There are 34 stations to take you to the Skywoods and a fast automated train for total convenience.